Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite Easter Bunnies

These are my Easter bunnies from this year, every year I line them up on the couch and take their picture. I know that it probably won't last long that they let me do it, but they always love looking at all of the pics from the past years! Would love to see all of your little ones dressed for the big day too.... if anyone else does this! :) Thanks to Auntie Anna for all the help that morning, I don't know if I could have gotten them all ready, (nails painted and hair curled, and slicked :) ) and dinner ready too! And it was fun to have her here for the weekend! We all miss you already! From left to right Sydney, (2) Cody, (5) and Briann (7)


  1. Cuuute! Like Cody's green shirt. Was fun on Sunday as most girls' had on polk a dot dresses. Did you know Trisha has this one too? Can't wait to go garage saleing!

  2. Your kids are so gorgeous! There are so many new kids at MR and we have been gone so long, it is fun to use blogspot to figure out who belongs to who. But, then again, as I look closer, they really do look like their parents....