Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Time?

Today is actually supposed to be in the 70's, but about three or four days ago, it was pretty chilly outside, and Sydney wanted to go out and play with Cody who was riding his bike! I was doing something and she took it upon herself to get ready, this is almost what I found... she's two, I had to zip, and help put the glasses on right side up, and get the mittens on the right hands! But she had all of the items ready to go, and thought she was stylin'!! And yes she picked out the crazy leggings to go under the dress too... all by herself, I do have a little bit of matching ability! :) (Wow, that is alot of patterns and colors! Makes me wonder what she will pick out when she is sixteen?!) Anyway, go out and enjoy the lovely spring weather, and don't worry about what they or you look like, everyone is just happy to be in the sunshine again!! Besides, I swear I saw my crabby mailman chuckle when she waved to him! Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. This def. made me laugh today! I can just picture how excited she was that she dressed herself. Love it! :)