Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last month my arty girl was at it once again. After this year of school, her art teacher recommended that I sign her up for this class "ArtSpark" at TrollWood Performing Arts School this summer, I already had because her friend Gabby was going, but getting a recommendation from a teacher made me feel a lot better about it! She went for one week, and then on Friday they put on a little play at the end of the day for all of the parents, grandparents, etc. Her play was called "Character Matters" and was really cute. She was one of the three pigs telling the wolf to be nice, and telling the other two pigs to make smart decisions! She came home so excited every day about what they were doing, and learning and wants to go again next year! talking to the wolf about being nice

Singing a song with the other two pigs
Singing her solo, that even though it doesn't (and didn't at the time either) look like it, she was super excited that she had a solo!! She didn't crack a smile the whole time she was up there even though her little sister was in the back standing on a chair giving her two thumbs way up!! :)

The entire cast of the play.... and the class that she was in for the week.

Syd was so proud of her and kept waving and yelling at her.... and of course giving her the thumbs up sign!

Lindsey and Alyssa came too, and made B's day!


  1. It is so neat that Briann had an opportunity to participate in this class! I'm sure she did an excellent job! It's fun to see how creative she is...look out Jalon there might just be a new designer in town.

  2. Glad you stuck with it Katie. It looks like the Lord had His own plan huh?