Saturday, January 17, 2009

Test run!

So I did a test run and tried to upload a picture using my awesome dial up connection! It only took twenty minutes and then another ten or so to figure out how to put it in the right spot, but hey look at me blogging away with pictures no less!! Ok only one... I only have so much patience ya know!!

So these are my kiddos at Sydney's second birthday party attempt last month, the first scheduled one got canceled because of one of the many blizzards that we have had lately. She still thinks that it is "my birday cake" any time we have any sweets! Hope you all had a great Saturday!


  1. Yea! You have a blog! I will definitely read it! Dial up, really? That still exists?! ;) I am glad you're on here anyways. Love your kiddos - they are adorable!

  2. wow, I am impressed you would blog w/ dial-up. good job. It will be fun to chek in and see your cute kids!

  3. cute picture! (had to acknowledge the pic since it took so long for you to get it on here!) really, dsl can't be that much more expensive, can it? just give in!!! either way, fun that you're on here now too!