Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Briann Turns Seven!

Last Sunday we celebrated Briann's 7th birthday at Happy Joe's (a pizza joint sorta like Chuck E. Cheese), hard to believe that my baby is already seven, in first grade, and acting like a fourteen year old more and more every day! SCARY!! But she is very smart, and funny, crazy about dogs, and very sympathetic, and caring and our family just wouldn't be the same without her!

We had a lot of fun with all the Martinson crew, two Blocks and a few Rockholds! Briann loves her time with her cousins so this is the best part of her birthday! The pic is of Lindsey, Alyssa, and Briann. The kids had a blast as usual winning cheap little toys that were broken before we got home or shortly there after, and it was nice to enjoy some cake, and brownies too (they are her favorite, and her mother's, although we both prefer it with a little ice cream :) )!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Briann! Katie, I can hardly believe that you have a 7 year old - time goes by so fast!