Friday, January 23, 2009

Haircuts, and Daddy's Girl

So the other night Jalon decided that the long hair in the house had to go! OK before you panic he was talking about the boys in the house (not that any of us girls has real long hair, but you know)! He stopped at his mom's house on the way home and picked up her clippers and walked in the door smiling, not just the normal smile, but the "I can't wait to do this" smile that sorta scares me sometimes! So he comes in gets Cody sitting in the chair and starts clipping away. I was glad that it meant I only had to do ONE haircut instead of two, cause truth be told I am not that good at them! Then I gave Jalon his haircut, and had two minutes to spare before supper!
When bedtime rolled around I found Sydney in the bathroom like this brushing her teeth. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she wanted to be like Daddy (surprise surprise, she is a total daddy's girl)! Jalon had taken his shirt off after his haircut, and she had somehow managed to get hers off too! Jalon's only comment was that she really had to stop doing this before she turned eighteen! :)

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  1. So we didn't see the pictures of the haircut afterwards?? Sure it turned out good. I was always so happy to see someone else cut hair.
    Hopefully Sydney will get her daddys teeth too and not get cavities. I love this Kate, dad thinks we both do not have enough to do but he too enjoys coming in and reading and seeing the pictures of the kids... Hey did Briann get her boots yet?