Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Code-Man

Cody is 5 and started hockey this year. It has been so much fun to watch him progress from barely being able to stand up the first night to flying around the rink at top speed like it is nothing! He learned how to stop a few weeks ago, and has been perfecting it ever since. He loves it, and wakes up every morning asking "is it Wednesday today? Do i get to go to hockey today?" It is fun to watch your kids learn something new and enjoy it too!

He loves to watch the crowd too! I think he gets this from his father. ;) When the games are done he wants to know what Briann had to eat from the concession stand, who was sitting by Daddy, and what was Sydney laughing at "after the big kid in the green scored"? I think it is funny, and Jalon thinks he should pay more attention to the game. So if any of you are in town come on by the arena and watch a game with us, Cody will probably even wave to you, or give you a thumbs up from the ice! Like I said so much like his father! ha ha :)

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  1. C = Cody G = Gramma
    I LOVE watching Cody play! Yesterday while Cody and I were waiting for Briann to come out of school we were "chatting" in the car.
    C: Gwama, Did I tell you I got saved?
    G: Yes Cody, I am so happy about that. Now you will have to live for the LORD Jesus.
    C: Gwama, How do I do dat?
    G: You obey all that the Bible says.
    C: But Gwama, I don't know how to wead.
    G: Your mom & dad and your g'mas and g'pas and aunts and uncles will help you understand how to obey the LORD.
    C: o.k. Gwama....is Bwiann coming yet?
    G: I don't see her ... always remember Cody to be kind and nice to others....even when you play hockey.
    C: But Gwama, I don't hit anybody, I just shove dem with my shoders...like dis..(demonstrates)
    G: Did your coach say that is o.k.?
    C: Yeah...I just have to keep my hands on the stick and if dey fall down its o.k. cuz den I can get the puck. And when I get the puck in I get a goal and dats how you play.
    G: Good job - Code-Man! I love you!