Monday, March 9, 2009

Betty Who?!

OK I don't claim to be Betty Crocker, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, or Jill.... you know any of those domestic divas! I am not brave in the kitchen! I admire this trait in Jill more than anyone else I know, she sees something and tries it! I will have you know that most of the time I really do love the things that she makes, but there have been a few instances when they haven't turned out so great! :) for example taco/Sloppy Joe's :) sorry Jill! had to throw that in there.
Anyway, so the other day I was sitting in my clean, quiet house (i had to show the house the night before, and Jalon had taken Cody with to work) and I had the urge to bake something. I looked through FOUR cookbooks, and had a bunch of recipes picked out to try when I came across my old Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and couldn't resist! See I am the worlds biggest sucker for cookies! In fact Jalon used to bring me cookies when we were dating. Yep, no flowers for this girl, bring me some warm gas-station cookies and I'll give you my heart! :) (He brought me flowers too though.. just for the record!) So I made some, and I have to say that they tasted really good right after this picture when they were still warm, and the dough wasn't to bad either! So I may not be Betty, or Rachel, or Martha, .... or even Jill, but I do make a mean chocolate chip cookie! :) I might have to take some over to her!


  1. SOunds like a plan, please bring them over... but good luck getting over here today! ha! AND in my defense- I did not purposely make taco meat into sloppy joes.. I was just afraid I'd run outa food so I whipped some sloppy's up using it! AND Sam said they were the best sloppy joes he'd had I believe... ;)

  2. ahhhh....i just made chocolate chip cookies last weekend too! sometimes simple is best! did you get told yours tasted like mrs. field's cookies?

  3. they look really good Kate! Sure you all enjoyed them.