Monday, March 23, 2009

Rain Rain go Away!

So the rain has started AGAIN! It has been raining off and on since last night, which by the way when I woke up at 3am sounded like a hurricane outside, and the rain is supposed to continue for a few days and then, get this... turn to SNOW! Yeah, that's right western North Dakota is under a winter storm/ blizzard warning! AAH! Sometimes spring in MN/ND is sooooo frustrating!
Now they are saying that the river is supposed to crest at 40.1 feet on Friday, or Saturday. We are pretty safe out here in the boon docks, the only problem we might have is getting into town! I have to go over the buffalo river and that is getting pretty close to crossing the highway! The fight is well under way in town... sandbagging is going on 24-7 until they have 4 million sand bags filled, high schools are sending students out, and the colleges are cancelling classes so the students can volunteer. They are working around the clock to make the dikes higher, and putting sandbags where they are needed. The city is in a state of emergency, the national guard is here, FE MA is here, and the prayer meetings are in full swing.
Check back on Saturday, maybe I'll have some cool pics of the flood, and I'm sure some answers to prayer to pass along! Have a good week, think of us here in the valley battling mother nature! ;)


  1. You still dry out there? Heard the road between Sabin and Barnesville is closed......can you still get to town? If you don't want to get flooded in out there .... you could always come here!

  2. so far we can get into town we just had to be a little "creative"! But thank you so much for the offer! We might show up later this week though if it keeps rising out here. At least Briann so she can go to school! :)