Monday, April 6, 2009

I Caved!

After seven years of her Daddy asking and pleading with me to get her ears pierced, I caved! I was innocently shopping for myself while the kids and Jalon sat in the chairs in the mall enjoying their Orange Julius', and when I emerged from the store Miss Briann and her Daddy had BIG smiles on their faces and then informed me that they decided that she was going to get her ears pierced. I was to shocked and blind-sided to really put up much of a fight, and they were BOTH so excited that I knew I was out numbered! Cody was grinning saying he wanted to see the "gun" they use to put holes in her ears, and Sydney was clapping saying "yeah pretties!!" So I grabbed the rest of Briann's strawberry smoothie, (YUMMO) and went along for the ride! We picked out some really cute pink daisies (sorry the pic isn't clearer), and she only teared up a wee bit but with a huge smile the whole time, and admitted that it only hurt a little! She is very proud of them, and tells me thank you about a hundred times a day! And (if you know Briann at all this is not a surprise to you), she has NOT let me forget to clean them THREE times a day and to rotate them too! The only bad part of the day was when she was all done and was hopping out of the chair Sydney started saying that it was her turn, and then was crying when we said no... she just wanted some "pretties in her ears too"! So long story short I ended up paying for an ear piercing, and a new necklace for the little princess! :)


  1. how exciting for her! now you'll be buying new earrings every time you go to target or walmart!! :)

  2. yay! b got earrings! i was 5 when i got mine done in iowa. the first person to see was your grandma zita.