Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dare We say the "C" Word?!

So this morning the radio and the TV were throwing around the "C" word... for those of you not in a flood zone that is the word "crest". The officials think that the river has crested and the facts are that it started to go down ever so slightly over today! We are now around 39 feet something and still dropping. We are sitting pretty out here and the Buffalo has gone down enough to open up my main drag to town again. YEAH!

I finally went sand bagging at the dome the other day and it was so fun! I know that is hard to believe but it really was. LOTS of people were there as it was the day that they raised all the levels to "41 to 42 and possibly 43 feet". When Jeremy and Lois and I got to the dome they were estimating that there were 5,000 people there! We drove for quite some time trying to find a parking space, and Jeremy has a really funny picture a parking technique some guy used! I hope he posts the pic!( hint hint;) ) Anyway, it felt good to get out of the house and actually help out! Thanks again to Myron for taking all 7 kids for the afternoon so Lois and I could get out there! (for those of you counting Elealah was there too) :)

Anyway, hope that you all have a good week, hopefully the winter storm warning that is in effect for our area won't bring to much wind, they say that to much wind could cause a lot of problems for the dikes and levys. Never have I been thankful for the cold and snow around this time of year, but the weather people and those that are a lot smarter than me, say that it saved us! The Lord is so good! He knows just what we need when we need it! I will try to post some pictures sometime soon!


  1. Happy Birthday Katie! I am SO thankful for YOU! I am thankful that He brought you and Jalon together and thankful for the children He has blessed you with. I pray that as you continue to seek, to follow and to trust HIM, He will lead you, and He will bless you. I love you!

    ps: Looking forward to celebrating on Thursday with you.

  2. Ah the memories!! We saw some pretty funny stuff in the parking lot without even having to go into the dome. I'm glad we were able to go and experience the community working together. I'm not sure if we spent more time helping out or driving in the parking lot and driving home. Either way--I won't forget these last several days around here.

  3. Better not say that word.....YET....its coming back......