Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day!

Happy mother's day to all you mothers out there, but especially to my mom! She is an amazing mother and always has been. I don't think that I truly appreciated how amazing she was until I became a mother myself, and now i am in awe of her! She is my friend, my role model I aspire to be like, a godly example of a wife, and woman, and one of the best listeners I know. I don't remember the house ever being dirty, supper not ready (or not being delicious), and her wonderful advice every morning to "remember your name, buckle up, and watch for trains!" I know that she still lifts each of us up in prayer every day (some more than others :) ), and takes the time to listen to all of our woes when we need her! I love you mom and hope that you have a wonderful day... even with your two favorites NOT at home with you! ;)

And of course I couldn't forget the other mother in my life... my wonderful mother-in-law Kathy! I am so thankful for your friendship, and godly example in my life also. I don't know what I would do without a mom here in town that I can go to for anything, including recipes for things that only "mom makes right!" Thank you for raising a son that loves the Lord, loves his family, and works so hard to provide for us. You trained him well! :) Thank you for being a wonderful fun loving, always giving, mother and loving each of us individually. And for continually encouraging us and lifting us up in prayer! Thank you for the wonderful lunch today and once again being hospitable and making our day so fun! Love you!

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