Friday, May 15, 2009

The Wednesday... of... events

I really don't know where to was a crazy crazy two days! First off were having a garage sale at Joanna's house on Friday and Saturday, so I have been cleaning out the basement to bring things to her house for the sale. Did I forget to mention that it has been raining again here and therefore my almost dry basement now has water back in it?! So pulling all of my rubbermaids out of the basement to the entryway was quite the challenge! In the middle of dirty, wet rubbermaids, baby clothes, maternity clothes, toys, old decor, garage sale stickers, and two crazy bored kids, I got a call from our realtor asking if they could show my house the next day at 9am. I sorta panicked, and then realized that I had just done a pretty thorough cleaning job the day before and I just needed to clean up the entryway and basement.... which almost took me the rest of the day and night.

Finished mopping the floors and cleaning up about 11 that night and then got up bright and early Wednesday morning to get Briann to school on time, two others dressed, fed, and packed into the car along with half of my garage sale stuff to drop off at Joanna's, and then back to get the rest of my stuff out of the entry before the people came to look at the house! As I was hauling the last couple of rubbermaids out of the house I sent Cody and Sydney out to the car, and the people pulled in the driveway. I quick put Syd in the car, and grabbed the last one as the people went in the house. Then as I went to buckle her in and leave I noticed that there is a very strong oder and something ALL over her shoes and pants... all the way up to her upper knees. Yep my graceful girly girl fell in dog poop somewhere in my yard and was COVERED!!! I had no idea what to do, and just stood there staring for a couple of minutes saying over and over "oh no what are we gonna do?!" I finally took her shoes off very gingerly and threw them in the back of the pick-up, ran into the house and grabbed a clean pair of jeans for her. And then sped to the shop, with windows open and Cody (and me) gagging and complaining all the way!! Sydney was oblivious, looking at us like what is your problem?! So we ended up changing and cleaning up as best we could without a bathtub...almost a whole package of wipes though, and then headed to Payless to get her new shoes... gold Dora sandals to be exact, which she loves and insists on wearing everywhere now. So it was a wonderful event filled Wednesday morning all before 10:30am.... the rest of the day was sorta a blur after all the excitement, but I know that it was a long day and I was tired when I finally got home! Ugh, what a day! I still have to COMPLETELY clean Jalon's pick-up for him and buy a new air freshner for him... I think we owe him that much!! :)

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