Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

This weekend was great! Jalon called Friday about noon and asked how long it would take me to get everything ready to go to the lake, so I scurried around throwing things in bags and coolers, and was ready thirty minutes later when he came home!

Earlier this spring we bought a Jet Ski, and have been waiting and waiting to get it out on the water to try it out. This isn't the first time that we have had it out as Jalon could NOT wait and went on the lake about the middle of May when it was only about 55 degrees outside! The fishermen that were coming into the boat landing (in sweatshirts, parkas, and the such) kept asking if he was crazy!! I just nodded and kept the pick-up running so they could warm up thier toes when they came in. I say they cause I have learned (more than I already knew) that our little Briann may look like her mama, but she is a little Jalon in almost every part of her being! She was the first to ride with Dad, when it was about 50 something, and the first to try out the new tube when it was a blistering 65 degrees outside!! Cody and I sit on the dock and shake our heads... just in case you are wondering, and Sydney.. well she is gonna be just like her big sister!

So this weekend, we took the jet ski out to Myron and Kathy's lake and had a blast! It was beautiful friday and saturday, after two little showers passed through, and we took full advantage of it! The kids and Kayla and Craig were brave enough to get drug behind Jalon, and Kate and I and the babies got soaked from someone, who we will leave un-named from a spray off the back of the jet ski! Kayla learned and became an expert at driving the jet ski. The kids swam? (probably not spelled right I know!) after they were assured that the turtles we saw earlier were not in the middle of the lake, just by the shore! The boys took turns driving and pulling kids, and us girls basked in the sun and wrapped towels around wet kids. The lake claimed ONE flip flop, and my sunglasses.And Sydney took her first ride in the tube, which she has been begging to do since she realized what it was to tube! But, we were all wet and sun burned and happy when we headed home saturday night. Everyone took showers/ baths and fell into bed happy and exhausted! All in all it was the first of (hopefully) many fun weekends this summer!

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