Friday, August 14, 2009


Our house FINALLY sold after two and a half (almost) years on the market, and we bought one too. Actually we traded houses with the people that are buying ours! Crazy I know, but after two years it feels good to be planning a move and going through all the junk I have accumulated over the five years we have been in this house! We really aren't moving all that far, just into town again. It is a much bigger house, which we sorta need, and it is in town so all of that winter blizzard driving is no longer a factor out here in the boondocks! ( I'll still call and be miserable with you though Jill! :) ) And the best part about it is there are more than one outlet in every room, and there are closets every where!! (I live in a hundred year old house right now! so those things are at a premium) So the packing has begun! Actually it has been a pretty slow process, but we are making progress, ...slow as it is!

The kids are a bit confused, or at least the younger two are. Cody keeps asking if we can bring random things with us. Like this morning it was his bed... "mom when we go to our new house can we bring my bed with?" me:"yes" "How about the fridge?" me- "no" "How come my bed gets to come with but not the refrigerator, I am going to be hungry there too probably!" and Sydney just puts anything and everything in the half full boxes scattered through out the house. The other day I found a roll of TP in one that was in the bathroom. At least she is getting the right things for the rooms in the right boxes! She thinks she is such a helper! Briann is just making sure that all of her stuffed animals are getting packed, and by all I mean the two 30 gallon trash bags full of them! Yeah her daddy had a little problem buying them for her when she was littler, ...until now when she is bigger! But we are working on getting it pared down to just one bag!! And on the daddy and his animal buying problem! :)

I will miss our sweet little house in the country though, it is where I brought home my sweet little red-headed baby, and watched my then (when we moved in) two year old and nine month old grow up to the big seven and five year old they are today! And the little things about living in the country that we take for granted now, like not worrying when I haven't seen the kids for an hour outside, and running to the mail box in my jammies :) Or sending my two year old to the kiddie pool in nothing but her swim diaper! Now that I think about it, we may not last long in town... one trip to the mailbox in my jammies and they may kick us out! :)

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  1. so excited for your new house and new adventures in town. you'll get used to it. and as long as they're cute jammies, who cares!!?! don't get all the cleaning and packing done this weekend with anna and jenny cause i'm coming next weekend ready to clean, clean, clean!