Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I thought I was gonna die!!

So while we were in Vegas we went to the very end of the strip to the "Stratosphere". It has an observation deck, indoor and outside ones at the very top of it ...1500 ft up! It was fun to see the whole strip from way up there, but our friend Cory didn't feel the same way! Let me back up just a tish and tell you that our friends Cory and Kelli went with us to LasVegas. Jalon and Cory were going to the convention so they decided to bring Kelli and I along and make it a week. We stayed at the same hotel and went to a lot of the tourist-y places together, but had are own time too, so it worked out really nice!

Anyway, back to the stratosphere... Cory is really afraid of heights but didn't want to be left at the bottom by himself, so got really brave and came up to the top with us! Just the elevator ride to the top and he was turning a little white, and Jalon was not letting him forget just how high we were going. We got to the top and the view was amazing! Wish that my pictures showed it better than they do. Jalon leaning on the glass that says "do Not lean on the glass" was enough to make Cory change to another shade of white! But the best was yet to come!

Before we went to the top, Jalon saw that there were roller coasters at the top and bought two tickets for one of them called "the Big Shot". If you can see the big antenna on the top of the building... that is the ride! You basically go to the very tippy top of the building on the outside, and then get strapped into these seats, with your toes dangling, and then they shoot you up into the air and then let you free fall down again, and then up and down a couple more times. Sounds fun right?! WRONG!! And even though Jalon would disagree with me, it was the most frightening thing I have ever done in my life! (Even giving birth does not rank this high!!) The worst part about the whole thing is that when you are all strapped in you cannot see the deck that you were just standing on. All you see is the strip very very far below you, NONE of the building is visible so you actually feel like you are suspended in mid-air!! I usually am not afraid of heights, but I was seriously terrified at the top of this thing. Just walking to the ride was enough to make my knees shake, and grip the hand rails so tight my knuckles were white. He tried to reassure me but I was petty much UN-consolable! We had to buy the picture that they take of you, cause I look hilariously scared to death!!
This last picture is of one of the other roller coasters at the top. It actually sends you over the edge of the building and then tips down. The picture doesn't show the tipping part, but I have to say that of the three, the Big Shot ride was about the safest looking one. Notice they are out over the second safety rail! ugh, makes me shiver just looking at the pictures!! Anyway, if you want to see the rides they are all on u-tube, just type in Big Shot ride at the stratosphere, but fair warning, on quite a few of them there is a lot of swearing.... I was just praying ...for all I was worth!! And am happy to report that despite not being able to feel my legs for about an hour, I did not throw up! But I will never agree to something Jalon talks me into without REALLY thinking about it, ever again!!!


  1. wow, you're really brave. I have seen that ride and would NEVER even consider it. I got dizzy just reading your description of it!

  2. Never ever ever. Totally scared of heights. Would rather have 20 babies with or without an epidural!