Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens in Vegas... :)

So after being up north for the 4rth, Jalon and I came home, turned right around and flew to Las Vegas!! It was our second time to Vegas and it was a lot of fun! I think the second time around is a lot more fun than the first, for two reasons. One is that this time we have more kids, and getting a vacation from being the mommy and daddy was awesome!! (Special thanks to my wonderful parents for keeping them!) Not that I don't enjoy my kids, don't get me wrong, but having that time to ourselves is ...well, priceless as the commercial says. :) It was nice to just pick up and go whenever we wanted and talk without being interrupted. But let me say right now that when we came home we were wishing for and missing terribly the three little voices that interrupt all the time!

The second reason is that you know more of the layout of the city and where the fun attractions are. We did some things this time that we didn't get to last time or just didn't know about last time. We walked the strip, but used the monorail system this time so that our feet weren't so sore and covered with blisters (like last time). And we actually went into and looked at some things more than we did last time too. (again the sore feet played a factor in that last time!)

But the main reason we went was for work. There is a big wood workers convention there every year that showcases all of the newest machinery for the industry. It is a lot of fun for Jalon to look and dream, and for me... let's just say I get in my 10,000 steps for the day. Although it is pretty fun to watch him light up like a christmas tree when he watches the big CNC machines at work, and then over simple little things, even I can understand, like sanders. This year the coolest thing that I saw was an entire car made out of only wood. Jalon had seen it somewhere before, but still thought it was neat. It was cool to think that someone actually had the patience to build an entire car out of wood! I would have never made it! And I am sure I wouldn't even know where to begin and even after being to this convention, what tools to use! Although I am pretty sure I would need a sander ...for sure! :)

I will be posting more from our trip the next couple of weeks so stay tuned there is LOTS more to come!

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