Friday, July 24, 2009

A Wedding and the Fourth of July

Once again it has been a long time since I have been on here to blog anything! Sorry about that, but our July was nothing short of crazy and slightly busy! I will explain all in the next couple of blogs. But first it was the fourth of July in Baudette, and I have forgotten over the years of not being home how gorgeous the fireworks are when they are over the bay!! We went home for Brent and Lisa's wedding on the 3rd. It was a beautiful wedding and a great day all the way around, from the wedding to the reception, to the dinner at Lisa's parents place afterwards! It was a fabulous meal, a gorgeous bride, a beaming groom, and a beautiful night to hang out with lots of family and friends!

The next day was the fourth, and it too was really fun. The first thing was the parade, and the highlights were Uncle Dallas on his horse and the posse following him, sitting with some of the cousins, getting lots of candy, and for Cody riding in the firetruck, with his favorite firefighter uncle Keith, through the parade! I of course got to the parade got the girls situated on the curb with candy bags in hand, and remembered that my camera was sitting on the counter at mom's house. So here is my plea to Anna to make me copies or put them on snapfish for me please?!?!

After the parade we headed to Jan's house for the annual Block family picnic, and of course some softball and volleyball games too. It was a good time and I have to say a lot of fun playing with all the cousins again like when we were all kids. :) Although now we are a little slower, the games are a little shorter, and maybe a little less competitive.... I said MAYBE!! :) After the softball game we ate, digested a little, played a good game of volleyball, and then ate some more and visited the afternoon away. Soon it was time for the fireworks, and I was as excited as the kids! They have always been my favorite part of the fourth, of course except the whole family usually being together, and this year was no exception! They were spectacular, and with it being Willy the Walleye's 50th birthday there was a big fish on the water that lit up and fireworks came out of. It was by far Greta, and Sydney's favorite part.. they kept asking that night and the next day where the fishy went on the water?!?! ( PS if you don't know who Willie is you really gotta visit Baudette sometime!)

We had a great weekend in Baudette, but also missed a big milestone back here at home with it being our niece Eleleah's first birthday! Hard to believe that it was already a year ago that we were waiting for the phone call to tell us she had made her grand entrance into the world! We were sad that we couldn't be here for the big party, and will try to make it next year for the shin-dig! I still got a big grin and even a giggle when I saw her the other day, so I think that she forgives me! :) We love you Miss Ellie!

Well enough for now, I will fill you in on the rest of our month in the next couple of blogs so stay tuned folks! :)

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  1. Cute pic of the cousins. They are both so adorable:)