Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day at the Beach!

We met Jill and the kids at the beach (Buffalo State Park) yesterday as the temps were supposed to be in the 90's and all day sunny!! I couldn't wait, and it was totally worth it! We had fun, and of course got really sun-burned even though I sprayed everyone twice with sunscreen. (Don't worry grandma Sydney was only burned on her cheeks :) ) Me on the other hand well I didn't spray myself until I was kinda red I thought (hey sun gives you vitamin D and my dad says I need that... or is it B?!), and yeah I am gonna be one hurtin' unit today! I hope Jill is better off than me!

Anyway, it was fun and here are some pics of the kids having fun in the sun! Next time you are all invited to join us!


  1. looks like fun! but the water looks a little...murky.

  2. The water actually comes in from the Buffalo River and is run through a water treatment center, like a city does, and is clean and alittle chlorinated too! Grandpa knew the park ranger that was managing when it was built, it's like a million dollar system, I guess. So there, Christa! You should come and go with us sometime. Love the pics Katie! (can you put them on snapfish so I can get copies sometime?)

  3. we go to a beach down here that has chlorinated water too - it's the best. just looks a little dirty in the picture with carly and sydney, doesn't it? hmm......maybe sometime in august i can come up there.