Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving Day

So moving day was quite the day. Thursday night we had a bunch of awesome friends and family come out to the house and load all of the remaining boxes and furniture. Special thanks to those that had to haul those SOLID wood dressers, of the kids, down the stairs!! Then we headed into a local hotel to spend the night. Jalon was a little adament about NOT sleeping on the nice clean and shiny wood floors at the old place, and I have to admit that the hotel bed felt wonderful after a very long day! So we slept fast and got up the next day to spend a little time at the pool with the kids, and then headed out to finish some last minute things at the house and of course take some pictures and say good bye to our little country house! We walked through one last time, and then before I got all teary I had the kiddos sit for this great picture on the front step. Have to admit it wasn't very pretty... with all the packing I sorta forgot to take care of my flowers, and the weeds/grass that overtakes the sidewalk!
Meanwhile while I am wondering for the thousanth time how we are going to make it in town, the realator calls and asks me where I am. I calmly tell him that I am at the house and that our closing isn't scheduled till one, he then tells me that we need to get there as soon as possible that they messed up on the times and we are supposed to be there right now! NICE! So Jalon and I take off and I take one last look in my rearview at the pretty little country house that I loved so much for the five years we were there. Needless to say we were early for the closing and everything went off without a hitch after we got there! ;)
We were a little giddy when we left and talked over the possibilities of what we should have delivered to our door first... pizza or chinese?! These are the important decisions you have to make when you have lived in the country where nothing is delivered, you know! We waited for the carpet guy to finish cleaning, and then I took these pictures of the kids in the new house. These are the stairs that go to our bedrooms right in the front door. They were a little excited too, as Cody is demonstrating so well! :) Our first night was wonderful and I have to tell ya, although I will always love our time in the woods, this living in the city thing is pretty handy, and I even made it to the mailbox in my jammies and didn't get any complaints or letters telling me to go back! ;)


  1. congrats on the house and the move! What a lot of work. Can't wait to see more pictures as you get settled.

  2. I bet you feel so much better the big move is over. Now you get to find new homes for everything!! We are excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of the new house!-- thankfully you have that fast internet!! :)

  3. I will post some pictures soon... still trying to get things up and feel a little settled. But soon I promise! :) And yes Lisa it feels great to be done with the moving and packing part of all of it!

  4. so excited you're all moved in now! oh, and i was just finishing up my picture book for jace today and noticed that in a few of the pics of him and cody, cody is making that same excited reaction!!! thought it was super cute!