Monday, February 1, 2010

The Heart-Attack

So on Saturday Jalon decided that he wanted to make a sandwich from his favorite sandwich shop here in town. So we loaded up and headed to the grocery! The list was not that long, but it had a lot of meat on it, and cheese that I normally don't keep on hand. When we got home he chopped, diced, fried, toasted, melted, and generally made a DISASTER of my kitchen! (I was still scrubbing grease off the stove this morning!) He made one for me (there goes that diet I was telling you all about!) and it was really good, but I think that I actually felt my arteries closing up!! I only managed about half of it, but Jalon finished it and had another one the next day! Not sure how he finished it and still stood up, licking his lips?! I had to check the life insurance :)

So here she is in all her glory! They are REALLY good!! If you want to know exactly whats on it, let me know I will gladly share it with you... but don't say you weren't warned!

1 comment:

  1. Your title totally scared me!! haha. Glad to read it was just a sandwich! It does look yummy though... sometimes you just have to eat those guilty foods!