Saturday, January 30, 2010


So this is my girls' room. It's a work in progress... and the next step is to make the curtains! OK so I am not making them but, my friend Anna (see the heroine post below) is making them for me. :) I am picking out the fabric, or rather you all are helping me pick out the fabric!

these are their beds.. Syd's is the striped one, and B's is the polka dotted one. Eventually they are going to have bunkbeds... their Daddy is working on them! I love the comforters, and although I am NOT a pink girl I am really liking the pink walls in there.

So these are the fabrics that Miss B and I picked out, and some that Anna and I found the other day

So here is the deal, I want to know what you all think. Leave me a comment with your choice for the curtains in this room. Think I have my mind made up, but curious what you all would pick. I am not the world's best decorator, so input is much appreciated!! Hurry I only have till Monday and then Anna is coming and we are getting the fabric.


  1. Ok. I really love both of the brown ones. Love. them. But I'm not sure they go with the bedspreads... The top right one full of colors seems a bit baby looking from afar, and the top left, maybe a little bit too plain or non-descript. I guess I'm trying to say that while all by themselves they are all lovely choices, the white dots/in pink and oranges seem to go best with the room decor, and it's not too matchy matchy. But these are just my meager opinions and I've been known to be wrong from time to time... You are your own castle keeper Katie, and I'm sure whatever you choose will look cute. And if you have to have that adorable brown fabric, I'd go with the dots for sure. The flowers create too many elements to focus on.
    Just ask Naphtali. She's really willing to take risks and has a funky twist of style. I think she'd know what to do.
    And by the way, you're pretty much right about me. :)

  2. I like you're owly look by the way!

  3. I am thinking along the same lines as Jess. Like the brown alot, but you don't have any other brown in room, right? So like the small dots the best- since you're asking. :) What about solid orange or turquiose?!

    Curtains are hard- I tacked a panel up on one side of girls window and decided I didn't like the look of it right now. Maybe some kind of valance/swag across the top, but long panels- like I had invisioned didn't look good.

    But good luck!! Be sure to show us the after!!

  4. Ooh! How bout' some fun pom-poms or ric rac sewed on the curtains?! I love them both. Little pom-poms along the edge would be cute- could even glue along edge of lamp shades. ;)

  5. hey! I am voting for the little polka dot one in the middle. And I agree- rick rack or vintage style pom-pom trim in orange or yellow would look great! Have fun!

  6. I LOVE the brown one with the flowers! I think that is adorable... I think it could be pulled off in the room, it would be maybe a little on the bold side, but I like that. Otherwise I think the small circle one would look great with both bead spreads. :) Have fun!!