Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cutest Tootsies

I want to tell you that this is one of the reasons that I love about being a stay at home mom, Syd and I sat down today in the middle of the afternoon and painted out tootsies, (it is what toes are called around these parts in case you are wondering) and then her nails and had a great little chat. She was of course on cloud nine cause they were so pretty, and I was too because I was declared the "best-est painter in the biggest world"!
As I painted she told me all about how when she gets to be big she "wants to be a princess, or a mama bird with lots of baby birds I can teach how to fly". I should add that she was "flapping" her fingers to dry them and I told her she looked like she was going to fly away from me! :) Then she begged me to take a picture of her "very pretty tootsies" and "send it to daddy cause he will love them soooooo much mama!!" I did and she was thrilled when he texted me back and said "nice".... yep one word and you would have thought he had gone on and on about how beautiful she was or something! Sometimes it doesn't take much!! :)


  1. oh cute. its fun that she wanted you to show jalon. and what a sweet conversation to have too!

  2. Very cute! My girls are 7 and almost 6 and they are the same way!

    Thank you for leaving a comment! So glad to meet you!

  3. This cracks me up! I honestly have tears running down my cheeks! Your blog always entertains me!