Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Pirate

The pirate known as "Calypso", and her Daddy

All her girl cousins that came to the show, except Anna who was there too, but was sleeping in her car seat. The boys wanted no part of pictures that day for some odd reason ;)

Miss B and her bestest bud Gabby

So Last week Briann's second grade class put on a musical at school called "How to be a Pirate in Seven Easy Songs". It was adorable, although I am a bit biased! :) This is just the video of the kids walking in, I am sparing you the whole video of all seven songs which is about 45 minutes long... this is a blog not a documentary, after all! She was so excited about it and sent out invitations to all of her cousins in town, and aunties and uncles, and Grandpa, and Grandma! And even though they all had to park about a mile away, and sit on the steps of the bleachers, and stand against the wall, they were all there! Thanks again guys, it meant the world to her!!

Anyway next time you come to my house and if you really want to find out how to become a pirate in seven easy songs, we will show you the whole tape! We have all been singing the pirate songs (shiver me timbers, and raise the Jolly Rodger, are just two of the favorites around here), and dressing the part since last Friday! I will have to post some of those pics too, quite funny! Have a great day me hearties! Arrrgh!! :)


  1. katie......she is an unbelievable spitting image of YOU!! i'm not saying you look like a pirate or anything. but seriously. you two are identical!!

  2. Super sweet that you whole family came!

  3. I agree with Christa, all Martinson genes flew out of her as soon as the pirate appeared. Can you guys look any more alike at that age?