Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flood Fight 2010

So I don't know about national news, but all we are hearing around here on the local channels is that we are heading for round two with the mighty Red River! Here are some fun facts about this year and last years floods!

Fact one: Last year the river crested at a new all time record of 40 point something feet. This years predicted crest for Sunday is 37 to 39 feet. They are saying about 38 point something (yeah I was awesome at math in school and i figured that one out)!

Fact one and a half: They changed the crest number I don't know how many times last year!! It has only been changed once this year from 28ft to 38ft in one day! I am expecting it to change again.

Fact two: My new house (which I love) sits at 41 feet. Today our neighbor two houses down told us that although none of the houses on our street were damaged, there was SIX feet of water on the main drag (40th ave for you locals) three houses from mine!

Fact three: This terrified me!!

Fact four: There was a dike being built on that road when I came home tonight and the police officer kindly told me to wait for the dump truck to finish un-loading or I would be covered with clay and most likely ruin my car. FYI I think he had been sitting there for quite some time! :)

Fact five: Jalon officially un-packed the last box today... which contained his rubber boots!

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