Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy night

These pictures are not the best but they were at my bedtime nighttime! Yep yesterday afternoon the national guard showed up at our corner (about a block away) and started the process of building a dike to keep back the Red River. The nice soldier almost didn't let me leave last night to get the kids from Awana, but remembered me when I came back and waved at and saluted the kids as we drove by. They were so excited that there were soldiers there and were looking all over for Jordan, convinced that he would be there!!

Three dozers and they told us nine dump trucks hauled wet muddy clay ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Yep I woke up quite a few times to the sounds of dump boxes slamming, and then the beeping noise they all make when they back up!

this nice soldier talked to us for awhile when we went out last night to check things out. He told us that they were building it to 43 ft, and to be happy we didn't live in the house right there on the corner, because they were going to be there all night! We were!! Now this morning there is a 43 ft dike all the way down 40Th Ave, from just before our corner to the river...or the other dike that is by the river anyway. I will get some pics of that sometime today, but I guess the road is closed and I have to find another way out of here. Little update on the water level... the Red rose 3 feet yesterday and is now at 33ft... I think?! Still expecting the crest sometime Saturday or Sunday at about 38ft.

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