Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Late St. Patty's Day Post

I had to put this on for Grandma Julie! :) Yes we all had on our green for St. Patty's Day this year, although I have to admit that we got up that morning, got everyone ready to go for the day complete with green bows in our hair and being on spring break from school, took off for the gym. When we got there the lady at the front desk kindly told us how festive we were and that it was all very cute. Then she looked me up and down, and said "did mom forget herself today??" Yes I did, I am ashamed to say that I totally forgot to put any green on that morning in my excitement to get the kids in all their duds! After I came home and showered though I did put on my green shirt and earrings to match! Cody's shirt was from Walmart and I couldn't resist it! Isn't it cute!! And of course Grandma supplied the necklaces, that light up and blink. (you can kinda see Syd's) The girls were super excited about those, Cody on the other hand was a little bit hesitant to put on a necklace, but after I explained that it had nothing to do with his man-hood and was just part of the celebration of the day he gladly wore his too!

We started the day with green frosted cinnamon rolls, and ended the day with some left over DQ cake that had some green frosting on the edges! Please don't judge us, we just love food!
I also taught the kids what a "jig" was, we do them all the time, but now they know the appropriate word for the "crazy dance", as it was formaly known. My Grandma Zita was sorta famous for her jigs, and I had to tell the kids all about her and her jig-ing. They got a good kick out of my stories and the jig I was trying to do! (Pretty sure Cody got the Bormann blood in the jigging department) And Briann reminded us that Grandma Julie does it pretty good too! ;)
Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day.... we did, and thanks to Grandma Julie for helping us celebrate in style! Oh, and for the Irish blood!! :)

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