Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flood Waters

So the last post was sorta for my mom, and so this one is sorta for my dad! These are a few of the pics that I took last weekend. Heard on the radio that the river crested on early Sunday morning at 36.99 ft. Well below the expected 37- 39 ft they were expecting! Good news for us! We are still doing just fine and dry, and I have to say that I do NOT miss that wet wet basement that was in our other place! Not a stitch of water in my new basement this year...ahh this house is so nice!! :) this is the road that we take to the little dog park behind our place... obviously we go back down this road quite a ways normally.
This is one of the houses I was telling you about Dad that are jacked up, but they never got moved before the flood.

This is another one. It is a BIG house, the picture doesn't do it justice... that is a four stall garage! double in the middle and two singles on the sides. Wish you could see the water underneath it.

The dike on our street. Where the yellow porta-potty is, is the corner you turn at to go to our house. I was down at the end of 40th looking back towards 8th St.

At our corner, only one lane is open and a poor guy has to sit here 24 hours a day and make sure noone walks on the dike. I sent the kids down today with cookies and a mountain dew, maybe it will keep him from falling asleep anyway!

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