Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Proud!!

So if you know us at all, you know that this little girl is a wee bit stubborn, and that we have been trying to potty train this stubborn little girl for about a year now! Well I am proud to say that yesterday she was dry all. day. long. and went on the potty all day long!!! OHH I have been waiting for this day for soooooooo loooong!!!! I honestly thought that it would NEVER come! But here we are. Day two (or rather day 368) was pretty good too, she made it to about seven thirty and then took off running for the bathroom but didn't quite make it. Either way she is doing so good and I am so proud of her!!
On another Sydney note, I was feeling pretty good about myself this week cause I learned that I finally hit that ten pounds lost mark. Well, today was the reality check I needed for those other pesky pounds that that same stubborn little one left me with (yes I am shamelessly blaming her for all my weight gain!). I was standing if front of her while she was on the potty when she looked at me and told me without even a blink that I looked like I had a ball in my tummy. I asked if it was a bouncy ball, a soccer ball, or a beach ball.... FYI don't ask this question to a three year old... she quickly, too quickly, said "yep, a beach ball!" She didn't smile or laugh just matter of fact-ly said it like it was. I got her off the potty, back to her tea party she was having with Cody, and promptly ate two cookies!!

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  1. Sydney's beach ball is definitely deflated because 10 pounds down is awesome! Make sure to tell her that your beach ball doesn't bounce & can't be played with!!