Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yep, today I am thirty years old. Crazy, cause I still feel like I am about twenty five or so, but I am thirty today... my mom swears it is true! I was having a hard time thinking about being thirty, but have to say that it really doesn't bug me at all! I had the best weekend this past weekend with my WHOLE family, coming to my house and surprising me! Mom and Dad, Keith & Sarah, Greta, Sophie, Anna, Kyle & Lacey!! I was floored, and SO surprised!! It was a great weekend and I promise to do another post just on that soon, I need to get some pictures from Mom and Anna, and maybe the video from Keith if I can figure out how!

It has been a great day so far, the sun is shining and the temp is on it's way to about 70, and that is the best birthday present I could ever ask for!! I love the sun and warm weather and always wished that I could have a picnic at the beach for my birthday like Christa could do (her b-day is in July!) when I was younger.... you know, last year! :) Well, today we could at least have a picnic, and I am already panning supper on the grill and sitting on the deck, just because we can! This is my birthday cake this weekend with the family! I didn't even have to make my own this year!! Awesome! And the flowers that they brought me when they surprised me.
Three of the accomplices on planning the weekend although I am pretty sure the one in the middle just got told when and where to show up :) And yes, if you were wondering, he is always this happy! I have to get a pic of the whole crew although I don't know if we ever did that?!

My birthday present from my Dad, Mom, brothers, and sister-in-laws!! I love it!

the beautiful flowers that showed up at my door today from my wonderful, never-forgetting-anything, cousin Christa!! Thank you so much they are gorgeous, and one of my favorite flowers!! We took bets on who they were from, and I have to say that i thought Jalon and the kids all went " No Way!! Maybe grandma Julie!" They know him so well!! :)

And finally we bought these mini CHOCOLATE cupcakes today just for me. See Jalon doesn't like chocolate so I only ever have a true all chocolate cake on my birthday every year, this year we went with cupcakes, they were to cute to pass up, cheap (a buck for the pack), and only 100 calories each! Best Birthday cake deal ever! :) Now to just not eat them all!!


  1. wow- I can't believe it either!! Glad you've come to terms with it though AND what a fun weekend to celebrate it with !!
    How fun. THe table is awesome and looks very good there. And way to go Christa!! Those are sooo gorgeous!

    HAPPY BIG 3-0! Love you, Jill

  2. Happy Birthday! So glad you could join the 30 club - it is pretty awesome.

  3. Happy 30th Birthday!!! Got to hear the b-day surprise story from your mom today. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Glad you had a great birthday!!!

  4. Looks like your big day was very special! So glad you got loved on lots. Looking forward to Thursday... :)

  5. i LOVE that table and chairs! i might come to visit just to sit there and eat a meal. hehe. glad you love the flowers and that you had such an awesome weekend. love you!