Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bunnies

So our first attempt at an Easter pic was...well...way to sunny! We had to re-locate.

This was a little better, although BIG smiles was taken a little too literally by the girls, Cody however NEVER takes that to literally!! :)

There we go! Another year for the picture album!
(Notice Cody has the EXACT same expression on his face!)

And then after a great lunch with family, we came home and Cody went for his first ride on the Harley. I am a bit jealous because I haven't gotten a ride yet and I bought the thing! :)

And we ended the day with "Chickie" cookies and chocolate cupcakes from our favorite neighbor Miss Kate! It was a beautiful Easter, and I am so happy that I serve a RISEN Saviour! Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. So whe did Jalon lose all his hair? Some poeple are trying desperately to save theirs here!

  2. I was gonna ask about cody's! It funny seeing him buzzed, very cute. love the easter pics..I'll have to post our attempts

  3. i love the easter pictures - the first one made me laugh. i know it's cheesy, but you should frame it :)

  4. Saturday Jalon decided he wanted to be just like is big brother Jeremy and shave his head... this was our compromise. And then he did Cody's! I think to make himself feel better :)