Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, I don't claim at all to be a Martha Stewart, or a Martha in the bible type of girl, but I do like a clean house. I will very freely admit that it usually isn't but I try! Anyway, that being said the following picture is not the usual state of my living room. I went upstairs to take my shower the other day with Cody and Sydney happily playing in the other living room with about two toys each. And when I came back downstairs I found this!!! I have no words for the disaster that was my living room! Notice the wrapping paper tore into confetti size pieces scattered all about, the pillows from this living room, the other living room and their beds, all of the couch cushions on the floor, and yes behind ALL the pillows and confetti is hiding a whole army of cars trucks, and army guys. These are especially painful when stepped on... trust me!! I took a picture of the mess while giving my lecture on how we will NEVER NEVER do this again, made them pick up, and then Cody looked at me and said "Mom are you gonna put this on your blog?" Yes Cody, yes I am, but it is NOT funny!! Ok maybe a little but don't tell him that!!


  1. ha, ha, ha! I think it's funny! Wish I could've been there hiding under all those pillows to see your face and hear what you had to say! When I first saw the pic I thought for sure Bella had done it! Glad it's your house and not mine...;) he, he

  2. Oh, darn! That was probably messy! haha! kids. :)

  3. Close to an everday thing here!
    And by the way, your house is always clean Katie! Seriously you could eat off of your floor. You could eat off of mine too, but that would be to pick what leftovers you wanted to eat. HA!