Friday, April 16, 2010

spEcIAL kYLe

So this is my brother Kyle. I just wanted to introduce you to him before I start this post. Oh and that is my sister too. But this post is about Kyle, although I now have a pic of Anna that could go along with this post thanks to an anonymous donor, but for today we are sticking with Kyle. Little background on Kyle he lived here in the area for two years while he went to school, one by himself, and one with his new bride Lacey. My kids adore them both, but mostly Sydney who has outgrown the stage of everything being "mine", but still refers to Ky as "my Kyle".

So on to my story...Thursday on our way home from school we were sitting at a stoplight and B and her friend were in the backseat giggling about two boys holding hands on the sidewalk. I saw the two "boys" and tried to explain to them that one of the men was a little ...well.... special, and that the other man was just helping him to walk and guiding him. B's friend Gabby didn't quite understand my term "special" so she asks "what does special mean?" as I take a big drink of my pop. B quickly says "oh you know special like Kyle!" At this point I think of the Kyle pictured above, the only Kyle I know of that my kids know, and almost lose my drink all over the dash of the car! I am sputtering laughing and coughing and finally get out "WHAT?! Uncle Kyle?!" to which B rolls her eyes and says "no mom, there is a kid at school named Kyle that is special and needs a walker and yells "(insert interpretation of a special kid making noise here)" all over the school. Not our uncle Kyle!!" I still am laughing two or three minutes later when Cody looks at me and asks "you mean uncle Kyle is ...special?"

Love you and ALL of you special-ness Ky! And I miss having you around too! :)