Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Landscaping : phase one

So this is my house around Thanksgiving time. I just wanted you to see the front of the house and even though I searched and searched, this is the best I got! Sad I know. Wish I had gotten some more, but to tell you the truth the front of the house was my least favorite part of the house! Jalon assured me that we would take care of it this summer, and so the L. O. N. G. and HARD process of re-doing the landscaping has begun.
This is a stump we had to dig out. It was a birch tree that was already cut down when we got here. And boy was that baby big!! Jalon had some help from the older neighbors (we live by a lot of retired, or close to it people) in telling him where to cut with the axe, and where to dig etc. Have to say it was quite comical!
Here he is making all my dreams come true and ripping out all of the overgrown out of control evergreen type bushes that grew in the front!

These are the neighbors "helping" Jalon, and of course Cody helping out too. The stump is in the giant hole in front of the tractor.

Some of the bushes that were left, but don't worry we got them ALL out!! It is sooooo nice now and I can hardly wait to get going on the re-planting, and re-landscaping! Stay tuned folks, like my mom always said "It has to get worse before it can get better!" I have been quoting this to myself a lot lately! And pretty soon we are going to see the end results of all this hard work my hubby i doing and I am supervising ;)


  1. Love the pic with the old men "helping" Jalon. HA! A CLASSIC!

  2. Yes he was so appeciative of the "help" they offered! :)