Monday, March 1, 2010

Well hello all of you! I know that I haven't been around for awhile again, and I apologize! And there will be a few less pics for awhile as I am hoping that I get a new camera for my birthday...hint hint nudge nudge Jalon!! :) (I really don't even know if HE reads this any more)

Anyway, life has been the crazy train ride that it always is lately with school and hockey and Awana, and sickness, and friends, and all that life entails!! Winter is getting a little long here in the valley, and yet all the talk about flood season has me a little un-easy about the next season that is fast approaching! We went and got flood insurance... first time for that. And for those of you wondering, yes we moved closer to the river. Got a great deal on a beautiful house, but yes it is closer to the river. :) Learn something in every situation right?! I am hoping that the next thing I learn is NOT how to clean out a basement after a flood! But if I do then I guess we do. We really aren't in any danger, I am just being a little dramatic! Hows the blood pressure mom? :)

Not much to exciting has been happening around here, just the usual day to day things;
B still can not wake up in the mornings, and hates to have her hair brushed and is in a great debate with herself about cutting it all off so close to Auntie Ju-ju's upcoming wedding. She has also grown almost two inches since thanksgiving and is in need of some new jeans I think!

Cody is crazy about hockey and was even more fascinated this weekend when he got to watch Uncle Kyle's squirt team play at the tournament in town. He too is growing like a weed up, and yet not out!!! I had to get him new jeans already, but am having quite the time with them because he has no behind to keep the longer pair up on his waist! Oh to have this problem!!

Sydney is becoming more and more talkative, which I wasn't sure was possible! She is still the little sweetheart in the family and can smile and kiss her way out of almost anything with her daddy! We are working on potty training and she may be the first kid in history to go to kindergarten NOT potty trained!! I really do think this is a possibility, NOTHING fazes this one!! Ugh!

Jalon just got done with a big Home Show at the Fargo Dome this past weekend, and now is on to working on his girls bunk beds.... oh wait never mind! :) (again I don't know if he reads this or not, this is just in case he does :) ) So yeah life is just the usual... oh wait the sun is out and shining and my weather man says that it is supposed to be in the thirty's for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow so that is good. My Dad, and brthers started digging on the ice today, so my Mom's carpet will have marks from her knees the rest of the month, and her house cleaner than usual! :) Hockey is almost done, and I am thinking (ONLY thinking) about spring cleaning... so I think that spring may be on its way. Maybe?!

Hope you all are having a great day! :)

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