Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend re-cap

The kids and I went up north this weekend for my Grandma Marge's 80th birthday! She looks like she is about 65, and still acts that young too. Here she is with some of the adults at the party. It was a lot of fun to see everyone, and to eat the amazing feast that everyone pitched in on. These are Grandma's grandchildren that were there... there are lots more! :) Wish you all could hear this picture... all of the one liners, and laughter are what make it special to me.
and of course we had to get a girls shot

And these are the great-grandchildren that were there... again there are A LOT more of these too! Jill is holding baby Thad that is the newest addition to the clan in the back, then from left to right is Anson, Cody, Chloe, Sydney, Briann, Sophia, Grandma, Micah with Ava, and then Paige, Greta, and Abby in front. Auntie Jan made them sugar cookies with each ones name on it for dessert. They looked so cute sitting on the plate with all the names and "Grandma 80" on the middle one.
It was a good weekend, but Sunday morning for me was a little hard as it was the one year anniversary of Grandpa going home to his Saviour. We talked about him the night before with mom, dad, and Anna and remembered him at the end of his life here, and when us kids were little. I am so blessed to have had a grandpa that loved us so much! I sat and quietly cried while we sang "holy holy holy" remembering sitting next to him and listening to him sing it so clearly. I always think of him when we sing that song. And I bought myself a pack of certs on the way home, cause he always had one for us when we sat by him at church... or anywhere else! There was always a package in his shirt pocket, and on his dresser at home! I miss him more than I could say, but I know that some day I will get to see him again, and it will be when I see my Saviour too! Wonder if it seems like a year to him, sitting at the feet of his Lord... probably not he is probably busy singing "holy, holy, holy". :)


  1. Thanks for making me cry first thing at work this morning! Sometimes it seems like he's been gone for so long, but then it seems like just yesterday I was sitting holding his big soft hand! And the certs - I always remember him having the green ones! "Has anyone told you yet today that they love you?"

    By the way, your pictures turned out really nice! I might have to borrow the one of the grandkids and of us girls - mine didn't turn out as nice as yours.

  2. Yea- thanks alot! Now I'm really sad I missed all the celebrations too, on top of the hard weekend.

  3. Lucky you got to be there! When Grandpa first got Gillian Barre I was the closest granddaughter and I spent a lot of time at the hospital with him. One of the first mornings I was helping him shave because he couldn't move his hands and I had never shaved a man before, so he was trying to coach me through it and puffing out his cheeks to help me out, and we got the giggles...a nurse came into check on us because we were making such a commotion! That's one of my favorite memories of him, with his cheeks all puffed out. :)

  4. Yeah, thanks Kate...I'm bawling my eyes out right, I went and bought a pack of certs that weekend too...and every time we sing #5 in the black book...I cry too.