Monday, February 15, 2010


These are my CURTAINS!!!! I am so excited about them, (never thought I would say I was excited about curtains... but I am!!) they turned out great! Not that I ever doubted Anna's ability either, but they were better than I expected! These are my bathroom windows... we aren't sure who's idea it was to only go halfway to three fourths of the way up the window, but they are so cool!! Now I can actually enjoy that sunshine that streams through in the morning. :)
These are Cody's in his Harley Davidson room. They are flames, and he is pretty excited about them and now is just waiting for me to paint his room! Next project...maybe. Anyway, they look sorta funny against the green walls, but they will look good eventually, we hope :)

And these are the girls curtains! Yep, I took the popular vote and went with the orange ones. I had already sorta picked this fabric, but was a little unsure so thanks for all of the help! I am going to make a lamp shade eventually with the little pom-poms on the bottom Jill and Naphtali, thanks for the idea. They are really cute, and I have to say I can't believe the difference it makes in their room, it finishes it off pretty good! Now if only we could get those bunk beds in there :) That and some organization things for all of those little treasures that girls collect.

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