Friday, May 21, 2010

My little Artist

So as I have mentioned many times, I do not have a creative bone in my body! I can not draw, paint, sculpt, or basically imagine, anything!! However, my oldest can do all of that! Well I guess she has never really sculpted anything, but she can draw pretty well, and she was recognized the other night at a school board meeting for her art work.

Every year there is a state wide display at the capitol in St. Paul of elementary students art work from around the state. Only a few pieces from each school are sent, or as you can imagine there would be way to much artwork!! B's mittens that she made in art class were one of two students work that was sent from her school to the capitol.

She got a certificate from the district, a handshake, her picture taken, and then a night out for supper to celebrate!

Her friend Gabby came with to help us celebrate

And Syd was entertaining herself with the camera lens cover saying she was a pirate while we waited. :)

She also won one of two awards given out in her classroom a couple weeks ago for books the kids had made. Every year her teacher (Paul Larson) gives away his "Paul-litzer Awards" for best over all book and best illustrated book. B won the best illustrated award and got a medal, and a certificate! The book is in the picture too, it was called "Bella and Me".

I love the saying on the certificate that reads "perseverance is very important to success. How else would two snails have made it to the ark?" :)

So here is to my little artist! I love her to death, and although she may look like her mother, it is very clear that she is her fathers daughter!!

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  1. Amazing Briann! You should be so proud of yourself! What an accomplishment for a 2nd grader. I've never won an art award and I'm almost 32. But that's another story. Good job sweetie!