Saturday, May 22, 2010


This was from last Sunday when the weather actually cooperated for some soccer! It was so nice top sit and watch and not freeze to death or get blown away like earlier today.
Cody showing off his slide kick to score a goal... FYI all soccer skills are also obtained from their father. I played sports that let us use our hands people!!

Smiling, after running up and down a field that is HUGE for forty minutes straight.... like I said these genes are not mine!!

Showing off some moves... she split the D and deeked the goalie to score!!
PS that is hockey talk, which I do speak fluently, and Jalon keeps telling me is very similar to soccer. I don't know, all I know is the kids love it, and it is fun to watch them play something that they love so much! Even if it does mean sitting in the cold wind, and freezing to death every Saturday :)

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  1. nice pics;) let me know when you play next or are you done- can't remember.