Sunday, June 6, 2010

Emeril wanna be

So lately my hubby has been inspired to start cooking. I have been more than happy to let him take over, and although my kitchen looks like a tornado went through when he is finished, it is sorta worth it.... don't tell him ;)
Anyway, it started with salsa which he perfected quite quickly, and of course he has been grilling for a long time now and has that down to a science. The kids even whine when I head toward the grill now!! The other night he decided that he was going to make skillets, like from a Denny's or a Perkins, and I have to say they were awesome... pretty sure my arteries may have started to clog from all the butter he used, but they were great! :)
Tonight on the way home from the lake, (yes I will post pics of that soon) he started talking about nachos..... and well I will let you be the judge of how they turned out! YUMMO!!!
I think I like this cooking thing, I am for sure asking him to make these again! :)

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