Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake time

We have been at the lake quite a bit already this year, thanks in part to Jalon adding to the "fleet" with a new Jetski. Memorial Day weekend was wonderful weather wise and we took full advantage of it! You might not be able to see her very well but this is Syd driving with Jalon. She thought she was soooooo special for getting to drive. This is Craig and Jalon tearing it up and giving the kids a good show, and eventually a big spray of water as they ooh-ed and aww-ed from the dock.

Right at the end of the day the girls found this turtle on the road and rescued it. Then of course they wanted to bring it home, but eventually they decided to let it go in the lake where it would be safe, and have food! Smart kids for listening to their mamas! ;)

Letting the turtle go... they were so sad

My favorite pic of the day. The kids were all helping load up the boat, and watching the little fish that finally came to the end of the dock.

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