Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teacher of the Year

This is a story about my wonderful hubby.
This is him where he normally resides anytime we are at the lake. He is usually convincing the kids that it will be fun to go tubing, or for a ride around the lake... or to get in the water so that he can spray them with the jet ski and nearly drown them! He is a good time!! ;) But he also makes me laugh , and this day was no exception!
This is my dear puppy Bella (or if you ask our second child B-Bell... I think he wants to rap when he is older and is practicing names out on the dog for when he makes it big). She is a sweetheart with a ton of energy, and yet will let my youngest play dogie dentist with her as the patient! She is almost two, and will sit at the end of the dock the minute Jalon heads out on the jet ski and cries and cries!
Now before you feel to bad for her, we have tried many times to get her on the thing and have put her on forcefully but she doesn't really know what to do then and sorta panics! Only problem with this is that she doesn't swim!
So..... Jalon decided to teach the poor thing to swim. He took every precaution and put B's life jacket on her first. She loved it (OK not really!!).Then he took her to the end of the dock... which she obviously didn't know what was going to happen next, because she went very willingly! The first time. Then he picked her up and set her in the water, ran to the shore and called her.
(Notice that Cody seems to care very little what is happening behind him! He is just content to cast his fishing pole and hope for a fish!) She caught on pretty quick...with the help of the life jacket!And made it all the way to the shore.... just to be drug back out to the end of the dock for another swimming lesson! Again and again and again. She looks super proud of herself doesn't she?! But now she can swim, and loves to go in,... at her own pace!!Lets just hope Jalon doesn't decide to teach this one how to swim! I don't know if my heart can take that :)


  1. Funny! What kinda dog doesn't know how to swim?? Seriously, is that strange for a dog?

    I will have to show Eddy these pics. He sure loves her too.

  2. And to think I almost dropped them all off today... Kinda risky I guess. Hee-Hee.