Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Stay-cation

This last weekend we had our annual family stay-cation. A vacation for Anna, and I and family, but a stay-cation for the boys and mom and dad. Every year we try to get together for one weekend and have a ton of fun! Last year we didn't make it as every one of us bought or built a house and moved!! Crazy year!! Anywho, this year we all made it and had a blast too! :) Not a lot of sleep was enjoyed, but some managed to sneak in naps here and there.
Jalon caught a 22 inch-er!

Syd and Greta lovin' picture time.... this was the beginning of the weekend! ;)

The chef preparing for the salsa cook off

My guides for Sunday afternoon
Everyone caught a fish and even Phil caught his very first one EVER!! I don't have a picture of it, but someone does. Now we all get to have fish fries at home :)

Beautiful blue eyed Sophia!!
It was a GREAT weekend and I can't wait for next year! Or at least the next trip home :)


  1. looks fun! nice pics..you know, you're going to have to play/edit that last one..it's so cute!

  2. How fun! thanks for the pics of my nieces!!:)