Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch-up Time

Hi everyone! I know that my last post said I was going to be better about blogging.... and then it happened! My computer crashed!! And i have been without internet now for about a month! I felt like I was living in the dark ages.... but boy was my house clean. ;) Anywho, here are just a few pics to catch you all up on what we have been doing, and what I didn't blog about before the computer crashed! I am going to not promise this time, but say that I hope to be better about updating now that I am living like a normal person who has access to the internet!! :) Happy Friday everyone!!

Jalon and I went on vacation in August to Sturgis, SD. We had a great time riding the Harley all over that beautiful, beautiful part of the country! God's creation continues to amaze me! The Black Hills National Park is now one of the prettiest places on earth in my book!

The kids started school again. Briann is in third grade this year, and Cody is my big first grader! Cody was a little nervous about going all day this year, and B was a little nervous about not having her best friend Gabby there this year. They both are doing wonderfully... confrences are next week though so I will update that next week! ;)

Cody had a big birthday! He is now seven (!) and again older than his two girl cousins Chloe and Carly, which is all that is important in his book! We had a great night with family and friends, and of course cake!

We also had to use the gift that auntie Anna gave him right away! Grandpa Rex is still pretty light on his feet and played football in the living room with Cody! Anna and I took our skills outside with him.... and I have to say I am glad there are no pictures of that! :)

And last and saddest, we took down the pool for the year! It was really cool the day that we did it and Cody was given the chilly task of actually getting in the water and collecting all the leftover diving toys, and floaties! You can't tell in this pic but he was really cold! He came downstairs after changing and had on three pairs of socks! :)

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