Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back to the Rink

Yesterday was the first day that Cody got back on the ice with his skates in a long time. The Fargo Force Hockey camp that we had signed up for got canceled due to "lack of ice availability", (c'mon there are a hundred rinks in the Fargo-Moorhead area!) so anywho the Code-Man hasn't been on the ice since last March! But he got right out there and skated circles around his sister like there was nothing to it and had never stopped! Was fun to watch him, and yet Sydney summed it up when we left by saying "oh doesn't the rarena smell good, but it is so cold in there mom!" Sorta my sentiments exactly... except I'm not sure about the smelling good thing!


  1. Anson's been begging us to take him ever since the ice was in last week..better get on it. Sounds like paige with the "smell good" part. Our silly girls!

  2. mmmm.....i totally agree with syd! i love the smell of arenas - reminds me of the good old days!