Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kingdom Kids

Briann started a new adventure this year by joining the kids choir at church. She has sorta liked it until today when she changed her tune to loving it! This morning the Kingdom Kids Choir sang in church for the first time, and my little actor, who looks like she hates being there, loved the whole thing!! They sang one song on their own and then sang with the worship team for the rest of the service. They also have a musical coming up in February, that she has already auditioned for and got the part of Lily. We were trying to figure out what sort of animal she was because her best friend in the play is a bird (named birdie) but surprise she is a flower! duh... Lily?! Anyway after getting this first "performance" out of the way she is all pumped for the musical and the once a month time to sing up on stage! My favorite part of the morning, besides watching her, was listening to her afterwards tell me that her new favorite song is one of my favorite hymns... Come thou fount! I love that my kids love those old hymns!!

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