Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today i had this pretty lady over and we took turns babysitting each others kiddos! I had school conferences this morning and she had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so we switched off watching the kids, and had some yummy Japanese food in between! :) This pic was taken last Sunday at Grandpa Peterson's 91st birthday party. He likes the kids to sing so they do... some more begrudgingly then others (notice Cody hiding his face and sorta mumbling). So all of these kids minus 5 of them plus one more (follow me?!) were at the house today plus another kiddo completely not related... so easy way of saying all of that mumbo jumbo is that there were nine kids here. And I can see my floor and almost all of my dishes are actually done! Maybe I could have more kids...... ahhhhh scratch that! I'll just borrow Jill's again when I get lonely for a baby ;)

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