Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cleaning... and Playing

This little girl is the only one left at home these days when there is school, and
most days loves the attention that she gets being the only one at home. You know the little things, like not getting talked over by everyone else, watching her shows on TV, getting her books read to her, playing what she wants to play and not getting bossed around by older siblings, taking little siestas with Dad at lunch, and of course helping mom clean! I know that this year and next year are going to by so quickly and I want to remember this time with my baby at home. So the other day I took time to just play, and we played store. This is her with her twins (a girl after my own heart :) ) her shopping bags, and her Dora cash register where she rang me up! :) I bought all kinds of things and only paid a total of two dollars... cause it was all I was allotted at the beginning...also my kind of store!! :) And then she helped me clean, after I had "cleaned" her out of items in her store. ;) And yes cleaning in our house is a full contact sport, hence the helmet! And yes there was an outfit change, there are a lot of those in this house too! :) Hope I take more time in the next couple of years to have fun, and enjoy my baby.... and PLAY, its fun, who knew??!!

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