Saturday, November 20, 2010


So on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling awful! And didn't leave the couch for two days. Do you know what a house looks like when Mom is on the couch for two days???!!! (WOW!!)When I finally felt like I could get up and do some things around the house, Sydney got it and was out for the count so I spent half of that day rocking my baby and feeling very guilty for getting her sick to begin with! And now this morning, Miss B woke up and after about an hour I noticed the now familiar look of the very pale face and bright pink cheeks that indicate the low grade temp! SO we spent today in the house AGAIN, rocking, consoling, making smoothies for all of the sore throats, reading books, and watching TV and movies. It has been a long week, and the boys have yet to get it... I know I was a nurse in my previous life, but really, I quit for a reason ;)

I finally went into the walk-in clinic yesterday thinking that we had strep, but it is just a bad virus that is going around right now i guess. (The Doc said based on our "normal smelling breath" he was convinced it wasn't strep! whatever that means?!) Lots of chest congestion, hacking coughs, sore throats and low grade temps that last 5 to 7 days!! Ugh!! I am now on day five, and can honestly say that I feel like I have some of my normal energy back... Syd is on day three and despite my thinking she was all done, she had a fever again this evening. B is just starting.... I am hoping and praying that the boys stay tough, and we are all healthy and happy for Thanksgiving this week! Something I will truly be thankful for.... along with all the other blessings the Lord has given us!


  1. Ohh- I feel bad. Been wanting to bring you a big pot of soup this week.

    Enjoying the rocking and extra time together. Least your not all throwing up. ;)

  2. Maddie missed Briann in class today. Hope you guys get better super quick!