Friday, December 3, 2010

The other night I read Cody a story before bed, and at the end of the story he told me that his tooth was loose. I said "let me see", and watched him barely wiggle his front tooth. I told him that maybe in a few days if he kept wiggling it that it would come out, told him goodnight, and went downstairs.
I poured myself a Diet Pepsi as congratulations to myself for getting everyone through one more day, and all in bed at a semi-decent time of night, and sat down in my chair to enjoy the rest of the evening with my hubby when I heard a yell from upstairs! Down the stairs flies Cody with blood all over his face, holding.... yep you guessed it! His front tooth!! I could NOT believe it! Seriously it was hardly moving ten minutes ago and now he had it in his hand! I asked him how he got it out, and he just shrugged and said "I just wiggled it, and twisted it till it came out!" UGH!! Never has a kid lost a tooth in that fast a time.... at least not in this house!
Jalon told him he was super tough, but to go wash the blood off his face! And the Tooth Fairy (who Sydney informed me the next day was Daddy in her Tu-Tu... her yellow one to be exact!) left him fifty cents! What a great night huh?! At least Cody thought so! I am still in shock! But he does look pretty cute with one missing tooth right in the front, I might have to start singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", but then he might decide to just pull out the other one!!
it is not drool on his face... he was just that anxious for my to take his picture that it is water still running down his chin from the wash job!

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